5 Ideas for small kids rooms

Decorating a small kid's room can be challenging, especially when the room size is limited. It seems like the smallest rooms are always given to our children(often the youngest), but no matter how small they are, the most important thing is that they are functional.

Here are 5 tips for decorating small kids' rooms that give you more space and functionality.

1. Use the walls

Small children's rooms are often short on wall space, but there is still room for hanging her personal pictures and favorite art pieces.

Make sure all the used wall space has some sort of decoration, otherwise it'll feel really empty. Your kids can also get involved in this process by helping with the decision-making for their own wall decorations.

Just make sure that everything that goes on the walls is safe for small children, so they won't be able to ruin it or tear it apart.


2. Add shelves everywhere

Shelves are a great way to add storage without adding too many bulky furniture items in small kid's rooms. They also give you more opportunities to maximize living/playing space by allowing kids to climb and play on them without taking up too much floor space.


You can even put up a small one low enough for your child to use as a bedside table, which is especially useful in any kids' room.


3.Use ottomans instead of chairs

Ottomans are great additions to any kid's room because they get kids off the floor while still being comfortable for them to sit on. They also fill space more effectively than normal chairs, so it's easier to find ones that fit your kid's rooms well.

Make sure you compliment these ottomans with brightly-colored scatter cushions so they have somewhere fun to sit or lay when playing alone or reading books.

4. Bunks with storage

Another very effective way to take advantage of a small bedroom space is considering a multipurpose bunk bed with built-in storage. This way, you can fit a small desk and dresser for two kids on a one-bed frame where they will have easy access to their belongings.


Especially if your kids share a room, this might be a great option to make the most of your space. You can never go wrong with multifunctional kids' furniture.

5. Add a designated play space

For most kids, a room is also a place to play. If your kids have the space, setting up an area for them to play and create projects will make them feel like they do live in a big house with plenty of space for playing and socializing (with friends). This way your kids will no longer be confined to their beds or cribs when not sleeping.

Not only does it impact their TV watching and video gaming habits (for better), but it also transforms kids into more creative individuals when they have a safe space to learn and play.

In conclusion

There are many ways to turn your kid's bedroom into a successful, productive space. Get creative and give your child the room they deserve. Our online shop can help you with your ideas, have a look at our kids' furniture.

We offer anything from bunk beds, wall decor, to shelving, wardrobes, and loads more.



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