Seamlessly work Scandi minimalism into your home with CLM Home

Tom Tom Bookcase - White.


Minimalism is a trend which has taken the world by storm and it is safe to say that the Scandi countries have led the way and created their own unique definition of creating a space that is warm, stylish and clutter free.

Scandinavian minimalism differs from that of American, Japanese or general European minimalism in the sense that it is more about reducing unnecessary clutter in order to emphasise what is essential. It is no secret that the Scandi countries value a sense of calm and functionality, not only in everyday life but in their interior design too.


CLM Home guides you on how to reduce your furniture and storage and to buy items that are made to last as your home space morphs from one family stage to the next.

  1. The idea that less is more shines strongly through this concept of minimalism. The more storage space you have to store your belongings the more decluttered and open your space will look and feel.  
  2. Buying items with longevity is essential for sustainability. The better the quality of your furniture, the more worthwhile your purchase. CLM Home takes huge pride in our continued search, both locally and internationally, to source quality furniture that is worth the investment.
Tom Tom TV Unit / Sideboard - White.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this interior design phenomenon is to optimise your space by levelling up your shelving and storage units.


The benefits of minimalism:

Of course, minimalism and good storage is not only aesthetic, it has been proven to improve one’s mental health and overall lifestyle:

• If you are someone who struggles to stay focused, it could be the state of your space at fault. Accumulation of clutter can lead to procrastination and stress. This was proven over and over by the work-from-home surge the pandemic caused. Your internal state works hand in hand with your external environment, therefore you will feel more at ease and productive if your space represents this mindset.

• Minimalism also leads to more awareness. It forces you to be present and focus on the things that matter. In a world where we are all constantly overstimulated, this becomes a welcomed relief as you step into your home.

• Lastly, as simple as this may sound, minimalism makes you happier. The clearing out of material possessions has been proven to correlate with a more balanced, sustainable and holistic lifestyle.

Leiff Open Bookshelf.

Achieve Scandi minimalism with CLM Home:

One of the easiest ways to achieve this interior design phenomenon is to optimise your space by levelling up your shelving and storage units. Look no further than CLM Home’s first-class functionality shelving units. They are unique, contemporary shelves which are built to last.

Not only will they allow for a decluttered look in whatever room you place them, but because of their subtle colouring, they add a chic ambience to your space. One of the main elements of Scandi minimalist furniture is a neutral tone. CLM Home’s shelves come in several timeless colours, ranging from black and white to oak and pine – perfectly adaptable to any living space.

Another range of products carefully crafted by CLM Home which can aid in a more minimalistic lifestyle are our multipurpose TV Units. This piece of furniture is essential in every home. Not only is it used as a beautiful stand for your TV, but it can also be used as a piece of functional furniture for additional storage. As with the shelves, the TV Unit is sure to integrate seamlessly into your home’s aesthetic, due to the variety of neutral colours it is available. These include black, white, charcoal, and oak.

Something as simple as optimising your space through shelving and extra storage units can directly benefit your lifestyle. Not only will it improve the aesthetic of your space, but also give you that wonderful peace and calm of mind.

Tom Tom TV Unit / Sideboard - Charcoal.

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