Element Bunk Bed with Raised Ladder - White/White & Oak

STEP 1: Choose the colour of your bunk bed (ladder)

STEP 2: Add the optional trundle bed or underbed drawers

STEP 3: Add optional mattresses for your single beds and trundle bed

The Element Bunk Bed with Raised Ladder is the new modular, shared kids bedroom experience with a standard single at the top and bottom as well as a ladder. This bunk creates a favourite space to sleep, play, or just for your kids to be kids with it’s stunning crisp white and timber look and freed up floor space. Having a raised ladder allows for the addition of underbed drawers or a pull-out trundle bed for extra sleeping space and storage!

The CLM Kids' new Element Range is designed as part of a modular, knock-down system presenting a selection of toddler, single and bunk beds that can easily be combined or converted between each other with the addition of a simple conversion kit. Choose between raised or full ladders as well as a choice from cute storage solutions that are designed to fit seamlessly with the beds, creating a fun and unified bedroom look.

The Element beds and storage solutions are made from strong, sturdy and durable thicker-than-average 22mm MDF, as well as the highest quality international standard fittings. Each bed can take the weight of an adult making it a great functional investment for your child’s future. This bed can be built into a loft bunk, two midsleeper beds, or knocked down into two single or toddler beds with the addition of the correct conversion kit.



  • Two standard singles
  • Raised ladder that reaches from the top bed to the base of the bottom bed
  • Space for underbed storage drawers or a trundle bed. Available separately.
  • Can be converted into other bunk designs, toddler, midsleeper or single beds



  • Solid oak ladder
  • 22mm MDF
  • High quality international standard fittings



  • Height: 164cm
  • Length: 197cm
  • Depth: 113cm



  • Mattresses are not included
  • This product is delivered as flat-packed and requires self-assembly
  • All necessary fittings and step-by-step instructions are included