Evolve Dresser/Compactum (Optional Changer)

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STEP 1: The Evolve Compactum/Dresser has already been added to your bundle

STEP 2: Add the optional removable changer

The Evolve Dresser/Compactum has timeless style, elegant contours and classic neutral colours.

You can add the Evolve Changer (optional) to turn it into a compactum and use as a baby-changing station. When the little one is potty-trained, it can be used as a beautiful dresser for many years to come.

The Compactum features three spacious drawers on easy-slide rails - perfect for storing all your little one's clothes and favourite things!

All Vox furniture complies with European safety standards and has received FSC certification. The brand provides parents a full line of baby furniture to enable you to find all the items you need. These are specially designed for young children and are perfectly adapted to their tastes. The brand uses environmentally friendly materials of superior quality.



  • Aesthetic finish and quality materials used
  • Conforms to EU Safety Standards
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy construction



  • Height: 86cm
  • Length: 100cm
  • Width: 58cm



  • Modern laminated board – resistant to damage and damp, easy to keep clean



  • This product ships flat pack and requires assembly
  • Wall attachment strap included but relevant screws for your particular wall type are not included
  • Initially the changer adds additional depth to the dresser, once the changer tray is removed at a later stage, the dresser will stand against the wall
  • Changer is optional
  • This compactum’s changer only fits the ‘Textile Baby Changer





Evolve Nursery   Evolve Nursery


Evolve Compactum   Evolve Compactum