Maravi Moses Basket with Leather Handles

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The Maravi Moses Basket is inspired by a mother's unending love for her baby. Keep your baby close with a comfy and convenient cradle.

As functional as it is beautiful, a Moses Basket doesn't have to be in a nursery, it is perfect for co-sleeping, next to your desk, or how does unwinding in the lounge sound? Our Moses Baskets are handwoven by our friends who also happen to be artisans who take pride in their amazing craft. And it's easy to see why. Each strand is double woven from palm leaves, making the Moses Basket strong, safe and secure - our three favourite S's. Plus a bonus 's' for a snug little baby...

The leather handles are treated so that they do not stretch, as leather does, ensuring longevity and quality! Our unique Moyo Moses Basket is an original design with traditional edging and a geometric pattern on the sides.



  • Original design
  • All natural
  • Handmade
  • Double woven
  • Lifted headrest
  • Treated leather handles



  • Length: to fit mattress 73cm long
  • Height: 32cm (head), 28cm (foot)
  • Width: 44cm



  • Palm leaves
  • Leather



  • Each item is handmade and unique so small differences may occur



  • Decor
  • Baby futon mattress
  • Rocking stand