Stige Desk with Wooden Ladder

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Independence and creativity are very important to kids, and the Stige Collection understands that. Make your space your own. The Stige Desk from the Stige Collection of modular furniture allows kids to build their first custom-made space. And then to work in it... Climbing, crawling and conquering unknown territories – this is how kids learn and discover their surroundings.

Older children create their own worlds and want to decide on what these worlds look like. For the smallest ones simple ladders can become bridges to fantastic adventures. It was their construction that inspired the designers of the Stige Collection to create unique furniture for teenagers. This kind of space, conducive to development and constant creative search, is designed by Bartłomiej Pawlak and Łukasz Stawarski.

The white desk features two easy-slide drawers with curved recesses on top for safe and effortless opening. The oak ladder frame mounted on the left-hand corner can also serve as a room divider while offering a myriad options for decoration and personalisation. The selection of modular blocks in different colours (available seperately) gives you the opportunity to create monochromatic arrangements or stronger colour combinations. The modules can easily be connected with ready-made metal elements and secured by attaching the whole construction to the wall.

The Stige colour palette combined with its range of accessories can give your child’s space an individual character. Boxes with hooks can be hung on ladders freely, creating a vanity table with a mirror or a handy library.  Mobile boxes and drawers can have different functions – a handy bin or a place for keeping a favourite pair of sneakers.



  • Two drawers & ladder frame included
  • Conforms to EU Safety Standards
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy construction
  • High quality materials



  • Height: 190cm
  • Length: 137cm
  • Width: 69cm



  • Laminated board – resistant to damage and damp, easy to keep clean



  • This product ships flat pack and requires assembly
  • Accessories and decor features in video not included