Arktos Crib Mattress 70X140

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Arktos is a completely metal-free, hypoallergenic mattress that provides excellent support for newborns and young children. Arktos is light, easy to handle and contains a 5cm thick layer of elasticized coconut fiber which offers perfect air circulation and humidity regulation while also maintaining a healthy environment for babies.

The protective cover Galatia offers a soft feeling while being 100% waterproof. In that way Arktos is impenetrable to spilled liquids and minimizes sweating. Thanks to the zipper opening you can easily remove the protective cover and wash it for optimal hygiene.


  • Coconut-Fiber: The husk of the tropical coconut fruit is coated in strong, resilient fibers, which are then sprayed with natural rubber, shaped in layers, and used in the mattresses. Coconut fibers are known for their durability and insulating properties.


  • Rubberized Coconut-Fiber
  • Cover: 100% cotton, washable (up to 90 °C).


  • 140 x 70
  • Thickness: 5cm

Why should I choose a mattress of natural materials and not of metal springs?

Mattresses without springs are comparatively superior to those with springs. Natural materials offer even, isometric body support and do not contain noise sources. On the contrary, springs give different support to their points of connection than in the middle of each separately. Also, despite the fact that they are dressed with cotton, it is more possible to produce noise because they are made of steel.

In addition, natural materials last longer. Their resilience through time, not only because of their natural origin but also because of their characteristics (elasticity, reset), it is larger than the resilience of the springs which are artificial.

Finally, natural materials have bigger resilience in heavy and careless use and do not produce magnetic fields. Every kind of metal generates even a minor magnetic field.


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