Work From Home

A well-organised workspace is essential for your productivity.
Make it happen with a desk that is of a high standard in quality and design.

Make your home office a place where you love to work through our selection of desks
and choose one to suit yourpersonal style and needs.

Concept Desk - CLM HomeConcept Desk - CLM Home
Sold out

Concept Desk

R 5,890
Liam Desk - CLM Home

Liam Desk

R 2,830
Hot Desk - CLM HomeHot Desk - CLM Home

Hot Desk

R 5,630
Leiff Birch Desk - CLM HomeLeiff Birch Desk - CLM Home

Leiff Birch Desk

From R 7,350
Linnea Standing Desk - CLM HomeLinnea Standing Desk - CLM Home

Linnea Standing Desk

From R 12,720
Linnea Basic Desk - CLM HomeLinnea Basic Desk - CLM Home

Linnea Basic Desk

From R 3,530