Encourage your child to play using their imagination by creating a fantasy play area.

Our Teepee Playtents are perfect for the park, your garden, the beach, inside on a rainy day.
They are great for kids to make a camp, both indoors and outside.
These playtents are so easy to assemble and pack up very compactly, enabling you to transport them effortlessly.

They fit comfortably in almost every car model and fit snugly behind a bedroom door,
inside a wardrobe, or under the bed when not in use.
Rubber feet prevent the poles from sliding on carpeted, tiled, light wooden and laminate floors,
and also protect the poles from absorbing damp on surfaces such as wet grass or damp sea sand.

Occupational therapists recommend tents & teepees for children suffering from sensory integration disorder, children who fall under the autism “umbrella” and children with other physically and emotionally challenging issues.



Flags Ivory Teepee - CLM HomeFlags Ivory Teepee - CLM Home

Flags Ivory Teepee

R 1,390
Flags White Teepee - CLM HomeFlags White Teepee - CLM Home

Flags White Teepee

R 1,390
Blue Teepee - CLM Home

Blue Teepee

R 1,220